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Saturday, March 10, 2007


This is " Florence" she is a "Country Keepsakes" pattern by Annie Smith, really enjoyed making her at dolly club, now I have to find a place to hang her, fast running out of space for my dolls.


Lynda said...

Ooooh Helen - I say that every time you upload a new photo. I absolutely love what you make and you make eveything so beautifully.


Anonymous said...

I have a place to hang her Helen, must give her a home mustn't we

De said...

She is gorgeous Helen - was the patern in a mag because i have seen her somewhere?

Sarah said...

Oh Helen, she is just lovely!! I want to join your dolly club, you lot make such beautiful dolls!! Do you all make the same doll??? Suzi, I will fight you for it LOL!!!!

Helen said...

Thanks girls for your lovely comments, its ok I have found a spot for her so all is well and she is amongst friends lots of them actually.

We mostly make the same doll but if you dont want to you can make anything you like, it is great fun doing it together as a group and yes I would love you all to be able to come and join in.

I don't know if she has been in a magazine or not, we buy the patterns at my local craft shop, the owner is always on the lookout for something a bit different to keep us amused. We are starting a new one tomorrow but I'm having trouble with my hands so I will start next week and will let you all know which one she will be.


Lia said...


Hope I could should you mines when finished !