Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Toooo much for one post.....

Tuesday the 3rd saw us celebrating Teresa's Birthday..... lucky it was on a Tuesday this year.
Our other Birthday girl ... Tereasa had to work so we caught up with her later in the week.

We waited and waited for the Birthday girl to arrive so we decided to have a little nap 

Norreen, Sandi, me and Pippa...... all on my bed.

Gavan is taking the photo.......
 you should have seen the look on his face when we asked him to take this photo.......

Finally she arrived and we were able to have our morning tea.

We were sooooo naughty buying this great wall hanger..... 
its a long story and you had to be there I guess.

Blowing out the candles.

Then we were off to our local cafe  for lunch.....

Of course it was another day full of laughter and eating.
We hope Teresa had a great day too.

On the stitching front....

I made this cute little owl and card for a new baby girl 
Congratualtions to the new parents.

I  just had to get this cute mug for Lynda and yes she is an Extra Special Nanna.

 I will be back very soon to report on the wonderful weekend I spent with the 
Let's Get Stitched girls.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Teresa,its great she got to spend it with her friends.Love the owl you made,such a lovely gift and that is also a wonderful gift to send to Lynda.
Lol poor Gavin.xx

Lynda said...

Sorry Helen - I forgot to mention the pretty card when I sent you the messages. It's extra special.

You girls are a crack up and it makes all the birthdays and celebrations so much more special.