Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day and Swap pressies.

We had a lovely Christmas Day with all the family together this year.

Photos are a bit random and I'm not sure that I have a photo of everyone.
June, Rob, Kenny, Mel, Liz and Jake.

A few nibbles before lunch.

Clayton having a bit of fun with his glasses/straw.


                                             I was feeling a bit tired by this point.

                Whats a gathering without silly photos...... June and Corinne.......

and yes there is another of me......
Gavan and Heather


                      Heather with her daughters.... June and Corinne

                                            Corinne and Kenny.

 Christmas giving was a bit different for us this year as we decided to have a secret Santa and I must say it was a lot of fun, there was a $25 price limit and a couple of rules..... no chocolate or gift cards and you had to spend all the money also everyone had to buy and wrap the gift themselves (aimed at the men of course) names were drawn out of a bowl 3 weeks ago so we all had plenty of time to shop....... 

It was a lot of fun to see some very interesting gifts...... we all want to do it again next year.....
it makes buying gifts less stressful .... more fun and cheaper too..... bit more like the old days.....
                I hope Christmas Day was a good one for you all too.

Our Christmas Swap for FIS was fun too this year, 5 small gifts using the word SANTA..... and 1 for under the tree. As soon as I found out  Lynda was my secret partner I knew exactly what I would make. 

                                                S...... was Santa

A...... Antlers

N..... Nativity

T...... Treat

A..... Angel

Then the main gift, Lynda and I both have a love for Annie Smith dolls so I chose to make 

Sugar Plum for her.

                        She is such a cutie and yes I already knew she liked her.

I pinched this photo from Lynda's facebook as it looks so cute framed.

This is the fun part of Lynda's pressie.

I also had a bit of fun making heads..... yes heads, a bit odd I hear you say but I have been friends with  Lynda for a lot of years through the internet and we have also been lucky enough to get together in person too...... this is the part of doll making that Lynda dislikes and during our trip to Melbourne this year we had been kidding around saying " make me some faces " so I did....a bag of heads... I loved doing them for her.

I had a lovely surprise on Christmas morning when Lynda rang to say how much she liked the gift.....
I so loved making these girls for you and I look forward to seeing them with bodies soon.

I felt so lucky to have received my gifts from Jo in the FIS group, they are so terrific and how did she know that I love Christmas ornies ?........ well done Jo.






 Love this mini quilt Jo and to get the quilt frame too was fantastic so naturally I had to find just the right spot for it...... there was also this Stitchery pattern so that will have to go on the list for next year.

           Thanks so much for my lovely gifts Jo...... love them......

I have a few more swap photos to show but I will pop back and show them tomorrow....
                                               I think I need a Nanna nap now.


Jo in TAS said...

My pleasure Helen! The FIS Secret Santa was a fun one this year, your doll heads is by far the coolest pressie!
Enjoy your nanna nap

Anonymous said...

wonderful post helen and you are so clever with the dolls heads,lots of lovely gifts sent and received.xx

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great photos Helen, looks like the perfect Christmas Day...sent and received gifts were all fantastic..

Maria said...

I need a nana nap after reading your great post...
Lots of fun and fabulous gifts there.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely post Helen....gorgeous gifts sent and received. Love the Sugar Plum Fairy and all her 'bodyless' friends...such a great idea!

Grethe said...

I am sure you had the most perfect Christmas Day! Love seeing all your pictures,Helen. What a great lot of gifts:))
Happy New Quilting Year 2104!