Sunday, April 07, 2013

Forgetful posting and a catch up

I'm so late with my posting but better late than never I guess.
My g/son Clayton had his 13th Birthday on the 29th March so naturally we went to see him to enjoy his family celebration.
Here is Clayton with his Mum (our Liz)......its a very unusual photo as Liz is normally messing about but it was Clayton who messed around this time.
We had a really fabulous meal and I would love to tell you what it was but I have forgotten what Liz called it, chicken with roast pumpkin salad is fairly close....... she is a great cook, not sure where she gets that from to be honest.
I also forgot to put this photo on as well, Teresa gave me this lovely gift from her "Lets Get Stitched" holiday in SA, thanks so much Teresa.
Didn't forget this part of the post though, our online group "Friends in Stitching" had a Natalie Bird themed swap and Dawnie sent this gift to me.
A lovely table runner, love the fabrics and she put so much work into it too.

                                              Its great...... Thank you Dawnie.

Fiona was my other partner and this is what I sent her.
A wall hanging by Natalie Bird called "Stitchers Priority" I think I might have to make one for myself.

Of course I had to put in one of my famous "Friendship Tags"
Now the worst thing that can happen to a stitcher....... yep I broke my glasses, I have been to the optometrist and new ones will be coming soon but I'm trying to use my old pair and the broken pair but I'm getting a headache ...... yes I know I should stop but there is just so much to do and its my relaxation so I won't be stopping any time soon that's for sure.
Sadly for all of you  there will be more Tassie photos to come sometime soon.


Lynda said...

Broken glasses? That's rough Helen. Such beautiful presents.

Christine M said...

Gorgeous swap gifts!

Susan said...

Darn about the glasses - maybe you need the Harry Potter fix! Love "Stitchers Priority" - so apt (for me) lovely table runner too.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Pain about your glasses Helen....gorgeous made and received in the swap...Happy belated Birthday to your GS..

Marilyn said...

Love the swap gifts, both given and received. Hope your new glasses arrive quickly.

Aussie Nanna said...

Just found your blog and love your stitching....the tags are really lovely too!
I too would be lost without my glasses!! Hope yours arrive very soon.
Enjoyed your Tassie photos....what a pretty state :)

DAWNIE said...

Another great swap. Glad you liked the table runner. I enjoyed making for you. Also loved what you made too. Good luck with your glasses being repaired

Cathy said...

Your a wag! Great post and sharing! I have ashore thumb, two splits but am still stitching....we are so dedicated!! (Or obsessed) haha. Xx

Cathy said...

That would be a sore thumb! Grrr, no glasses on my face, typing with a sore, not shore thumb and predictive text... Not winning here this morning. Lol

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Lovely Pressies and the best one was for ME xxx
Love what you received from Dawnie too

shez said...

happy birthday to your GS Helen and what lovely gifts sent and received,lovely swap ladies,well done.xx