Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blog post overload...... sorry

If I get any further behind in my posting I will meet myself coming the other way and I do have lots of good news to report...... well I think it is so that's all that matters I guess.......

We have had a very full time over the past couple of weeks.......
Firstly Kenny's ( Kazune ) parents .... Hiroko (Mum) and Norio ( Dad) came to Australia for Kenny's Graduation at the University of  Sunshine Coast, we were so fortunate to meet them when they came to our home for good old Aussie meal.... Pop's (Gavan) homemade meat pies and vegetables  followed by cheesecake and trifle. They are such lovely people and we all seemed to get along very well even though language got a bit muddled up now and then we still managed to understand each other quite ok.

Thank you both for a wonderful visit and hopefully we will be able to do it again one day in the future.

Hiroko and Norio gave me this wonderful little doll display .... its so gorgeous and I have it proudly on display in my china cabinet.

                              The glass gives you an idea of the size of these dolls.

                                       Norio and Kenny playing with the lawn mower.

I made  Hiroko a Friendship tag and this is the photo she sent to Kenny showing it hanging on the wall.

                                    Our next big event was Corinne's 21st Birthday
                            Here she is at 2 yrs old..... my goodness how she has grown.

Same little girl now 21....... Corinne is a lovely young woman, we are so proud of her.

                                                     Party time.....pinata smashing.

 Jumping castle time..... Heather (Mum) and daughters Corinne and June having a great time together.

My girls Liz and Heather playing together

Our pressie for Corinne, something she will keep for a long time, her birth stone is Diamond so what else would we buy for her.

Gavan took a few photos of me on the jumping castle but they aren't very good ......this is  proof  I did act like a kid again, first time on one of these..... not bad for an old girl.

                                            Clayton g/son jumping with me.

                                            I think everyone had a great night.

Now for a little craft update not that much has been happening in that area this is another block of the Lynette Anderson's "Fernhill" button club quilt.

One of our "Friends in Stitching" girls had a birthday and it was my turn to make the gift.

                                                      It was  Dzintra's big day.

In the gift we had to use 1 of 3 sayings that were given to us earlier and this is the one I used also we needed to add buttons to the project.

JoJo is Dzintra's daughter and I thought it might be nice for her to get a little gift as well.

"Its time for Christmas" BOM from the Homespun magazine, most of our Tuesday girls are doing this as a project together which makes it more fun.

Well I do have more to tell but I think that might be enough for today, its making me tired just getting all this on the blog...... so bye for now and happy stitching everyone.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

A lovely post Helen about your special guests... What a cute little keepsake they have gifted you! Great block from Homespun and we both love our gifts! JoJo scoffed down her chocolate quick smart LOL!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely happy post Helen.xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely post Helen. Great to see 2 lovely young people doing well and celebrating. How wonderful your visitors could be here to celebrate their son's achievement. Gorgeous earrings and gifts for Dzintra. Love your tags.
Michelle xx

Aussie Nanna said...

You have had a wonderful few weeks! Thanks for sharing :)
Love your stitchery and your tags are very lovely!

Susan said...

Aah - those tags!!! You have been having a great time - no wonder there is not a lot of posting going on!

Noela said...

Love your happy post Helen. Hugs....