Thursday, December 27, 2012

Where do I begin hmmmmmm

Lots of old news and some new..... firstly I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas , we spent Christmas day with family and this year it was at Heathers, I guess you are all like me tooooo tired to do any stitching but I'm feeling the itch to stitch now so I will finish this post and go into the sewing room to see if I can make a plan for next year...... oooooo don't you hate that word "plan" but its what I need otherwise I'm all over the place doing lots but getting no-where fast. Hmmmm I also need to update my OPAM list for this month and put in some finishes on my "To do lists" so I hope I don't bore you with my trivia ...... but I'm going to do it anyway.

I always start the gift giving with a little treasure hunt for Corinne, she is living with us now in our Grannie flat and it was lovely to have her and Kenny join us for breakfast..... she does look a bit lost there..... I hide clues all over the place and this one was in the car, I know she is a bit big for it now but I don't think she will ever be tooooo big..... we have so much fun with it.

I have been doing this for so many years.... I have done it for the other g/children too if I see them early enough in the day but it was just Corinne this time. You know how it goes...... cold, freezing, warm, warmer....... hotttttt.

 The gift at the end was this little framed stitchery, the pattern is from "The Birdhouse" I made 3 altogether.... 1 for Mel and the other for Heather.

     The Christmas table at Heather's.... I was a bit slack with photos this year ..... I hear you say ....."Thank Heavens she won't bore us to death"

                                     Corinne and Kenny hiding.....

Grandchildren playing ... ummmmm something.

I just had to show my little village, Gavan's Christmas present to me...... I love it..... he gave it to me before the big day so I could enjoy it on display, naturally I then had to make a banner to fill in the naked wall..... there I go crossing to the "dark side" scrap booking ooooowa.

Of course then I got the bug and did this tree, it is so cute.
More OPAM's for this month, note to self again... update list.....
This is the old news, I did a post about our Tuesday Girls party but I didn't have these photos so don't tell Sandi that I stole them from her blog shhhhhhhh
 I have so many silly photos of me that I just couldn't resist a few more.... I'm a big kid at heart.

I also forgot to take photos of the gifts I made for the girls so another stolen picccie from Sandi  this album is only 6" square and only has photos of our Tuesday fun days ..... I also made one for Norreen....... now they all have one........ well everyone except me but I am working on that.

Well I think that's about it for the moment .... if I have forgotten anything I will be back to bore you with more chatter and piccies.


Anonymous said...

lovely post seeing people have fun.xx

Sandi said...

Love your post...your new little village is looking great...and the - wish I thought of that too...I have made a little list of what I want to make for next christmas...when do we

Noela said...

I also love your post and yes I can remember you in some silly poses but that is the true you Helen, so don't change. The little village is beautiful and something you can put out every year. Perhaps a quilted banner over it next year, one for your to do list when you're writing it. Have a Happy New Year and hope to catch up in 2013 if the year doesn't fly by like 2012. Hugs....

Michelle Ridgway said...

Boring is not a word I would use in the same sentence as Helen. Lol. I love your photos and the treasure hunt is such a sweet thing to do. Your stitchery is gorgeous and I guess hubby is on the 'nice' list after your lovely village gift. I haven't been stitching either....lots of reading and drawing.
Hugs xx

De said...

I love how you bore us! LOL! Great pics! Dont think Corrine will ever be too old for a treasure hunt. Great idea!

Cathy said...

A fun post Helen, love the silly pics....Merry Christmas!! Xx

Nicola said...

A very enjoyable post

My Happy New Year wish for you
Is for your best year yet,
A year where life is peaceful,
And what you want, you get.

Susan said...

There is always some "fun" element to your posts and obviously we love it - so keep on keeping on.
Happy New Year to you too.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Now where do I your village, never too old for games...your "DARK SIDE" projects are just gorgeous so are the who is the silly old dear in the last couple of cutie you!!!!!

Sarah said...

Helen, that is so cute that you do a little treasure hunt for your grandchildren! They will always remember you for that when they are old! Love looking at your pics - family and creative! You are one clever gal xx
PS: Fancy stepping over to the dark side..... LOL