Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Out of the dry comes beauty.

Everything is so dry here in our part of the world .... Jimboomba QLD .... rain would be a real treat.
Terrible weather for the fire brigade boys.... I'm sure they will be very busy in the coming months.
Its a shame that we only get to see this Bougainvillea flower when its this dry..... pity as it is so beautiful.
Another 2 blocks of the SKOW done.

Our Saturday get together was very small last week, just Norreen and myself but we still managed to laugh and chat while we worked on our Snowmen, they will be finished next Saturday.

We did make a big sacrifice though, we had to eat the choccie biscuits by ourselves.....
hmmmmm they were good too.


Anonymous said...

helen you can have some of our rain its like winter still here,what a shame you had to eat all those choccie biscuits,lol.xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

That must have been a hardship. Lol. But I feel your pain. Very cute frosties. We could do with a spot of rain.

Susan said...

Oh the responsibility!! Good progress on your SKOW.

Cheryll said...

Beautiful flowers aren't they but with terrible thorns on some!
Love the quilt on the wall too.. :)

CatNCart Craft said...

Cannot wait to see the finished snowmen, they are already looking very cute ..