Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Great day out and a bit of craft.

 Well it was EKKA time again in Brisbane and I was lucky enough to go with Corinne and Kenny on Friday, firstly a train ride .... happy faces were the order of the day.

I didn't take many photos but couldn't resist the Smurf Village in the cake decorating section..... it was just fantastic.

Corinne wanted a scary ride but sadly she had to go on it by herself as Kenny and I chickened out.

Too many spins and twirls for me these days.....  10years ago I would have joined her but not now.

Very tired folk on the way home .... thanks to both of you for taking me to the show I had a terrific day. I did check the quilts out too but forgot to take any piccies, pity as there were some really lovely quilts there .... silly duffer I am.

I had another great day on Saturday as it was Jake's (g/son) 16th birthday but once again no piccies.....
Then on Sunday I went to see his brother Clayton (12yrs) play footy and did I take piccies then..... no..... gosh I'm getting sillier as I get older.

I  pinched this one from Jake's Facebook.

Jake is in the Lions AFL Academy as well as the Sherwood team...... loves his footy.

Clayton's team had a great win and are in the finals next weekend.

Of course I have photos of these girls.

This is" Angels Blessings" ..... "Country Keepsakes" pattern by Annie Smith, just love her dolls.

3 Shelf sitters and 2 hanging dolls.

I have just realised that one of the Angels has forgotten some of her make-up, I'd better take care of it tomorrow.

                                      I hope you are all enjoying a bit of stitching.


Jo in TAS said...

Oh i did many train trips to the Ekka during my youth! The shows in Tassie don't have the same atmosphere and I always feel a bit sad when another Ekka goes by.
You do those dolls so well, i still haven't tried making one although i have several day :-)

Noela said...

Love your dolls Helen. I'm with you about the rides. The boys wanted me to go on the Pirate ride but they came off pretty wet so glad I didn't join them. Hugs....