Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wow I have been slack in posting..... oooowa

I'm very late with this post but things just get in the way sometimes but I'm here now so all is good.

On the 8th of this month our little group went on a bus trip to the "Quilters Annual Picnic" its the first time we have been, we had such a great day..... laughing chatting more laughing and of course lunch.
Here are the girls all ready in the bus, Tereasa thought she was so funny being tall for a change but she was sitting over the wheel arch, Sandi looks so short too. lol

                            from the left Ellen, Sandi, Teresa and Tereasa.

                        A little something I bought at the picnic as you do lol

There was a potholder swap on the day too and this is the one I made.

Here is the one I received.... hmmmmmm interesting I think.

Mother's Day was a bit different for me this year as it was more like a Mother's weekend but I loved it. Saturday my daughter Liz and her 2 boys Jake and Clayton came for lunch, they have such a busy time on Sundays with the boys football so we had a very relaxing day on Saturday then in the evening we went to my son Rob's place for tea and that again was relaxing just sitting around chatting and having a giggle, loved it.

Sunday morning was very quiet, Gavan and the dog went off to model plane flying so I made breakfast and sat on the porch in the sun and stitched of course .....then my g/daughter Corinne arrived so we went off to spotlight for a bit of a look about , Gavan did give me a cuppa before he went out.
Corinne also came to see her Mum.... my daughter Heather who lives next door, sadly she had to work until 2pm so it was a late Mum's day for her, we got together in the late afternoon and Gavan cooked us a fantastic roast pork dinner so it was a beaut weekend and I got to see all the family which was great..... love you all and thanks for a great Mum's Day.


Anonymous said...

what a lovely post Helen and so glad you had a lovely weekend.xx

Chookyblue...... said...

the picnic sure is a good day out...........

Sandi said...

Love the will have the earl grey finished in no time...and its gonna look fab..I am thinking-after seeing Teresas Blog - that we should do a shop hop on Tuesday and then go to the coffee club for some of those pancakes..hehehe

Maree: said...

I Totally Forgot about the Picnic but will be sure to Remember for Next your pics Glad you All had a Great Time...
Lovely Stitching..

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh! I bet there was a lot of naughtiness on that bus. Looks like a great day days out with friends always are. So glad you had a lovely Mother's Day Helen.