Thursday, August 11, 2011

Teddy's big day out.

Don't forget to join the Teddy Bear's Picnic at Melody's blog, there are lots of bears going.

Well I'm here to tell you about this little bears BIG day out...... she belonged to my Mum who left me this day last year so I needed a cheerie day starting with pretty bright yellow flowers and Mum's favourite bear, I bought it for her some years ago so she is very special to me now.

           Beautiful aren't they.... so cheerie.... Mum loved flowers and bright ones too.
We decided to go for another fly and of course this little lovelie came to join us, here she is getting ready for the flight, headset..... check
                All ready to go, I have to sit on Helen's  lap so I could see the view.
"This looks like fun "

                                                "Ohhhh take off...... I'm scared "

                                  Moogerah Dam, we are on our way to Warwick for lunch.

" Turbulence....... helpppppp" .... Helen couldn't even keep the camera still.

Its settled now so I'm helping with flying stuff from this book.

              Mmmmm lunch was good, Helen and I shared.... fancy fish and chips.

I got to go in a taxi as we were 10mins out of town.... this is fun.

 Our plane... looks safe enough so we are going back to Boonah to put the plane in the shed.

"Ohhhh no nasty weather, bit rough and a little rain.

I only opened one eye as we were landing as it was a bit bumpy on the strip so Helen got a blurry photo, she's not much of a camera person.... maybe I should have taken the photos.

Phewwwww all safe and now we are off home back to Jimboomba.

"I made it..... lucky me"


Tess said...

I can just see Gav...ha ha...looks like your little friend had a wonderful day. What a lovely way to remember your Mum.

Melody said...

Our first airborne picnicer - how wonderful. Thank you so much for bringing your mum's adorable little bear on the picnic. I'm sure your mum would be happy to see you having fun. Beautiful flowers for her too.

Vicki said...

I'm sure your Mum has had a good laugh at your antics today, Helen. What a fabulous way to remember her XX

Lynda said...

What a gorgeous yellow! Fantastic post Helen - such an enjoyable day to remember your mother.

elliek said...

Beautiful little bear and I'm sure your mum would have loved the way you remembered her. Treasure the memories

Karen said...

Your bear is delightful. Such a lovely memory of your mum. Love the way your bear is able to fly to the picnic. Great fun photos.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely post Helen...your flowers for your Mum are such a gorgeous vibrant yellow. Her little ted is lovely and such a fun way to keep your Mum close.
Michelle xxx

Briar Rose said...

Such a lovely enjoyable post Helen, the little Bear is gorgeous, it is great that you can remember your Mum in this way and also make more lovely memories for yourself.Cheers R.

Cheryll said...

Oh what a wonderful story! You made me smile.....
Great picnic!