Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day 2010 4 Generations

My son Robert his partner Mel, hiding (left) daughter Heather(front) Clayton, Corinne, June(right) Liz (hiding in the back)  Mum and I (back) ....  4 generations together..... fantastic, my hubbie was taking the piccies.

We decided to go to the Beaudesert Park for Mum's day this year and it was a perfect day.... sun shining beautifully, slight breeze and the family together, 1g/son had to play AFL so his Dad had that duty today. It was very important to have this get together this year as my Mum who is now in aged care ( since Nov 2009)  has alzheimer's and I'm not sure how much longer she will remember all the family, she was struggling to know Rob and Liz today as they don't see her very often but I do think she enjoyed herself, when I took her back to the home she didn't even know where she had been but we had it together so thats the main thing, she's 97yr old so not too bad really (98 in June) its probably more important for us to have this time with her while we can.   Great day.

Pressies and morning tea.

My daughter Liz, her son Clayton and Nan of course, other  son was playing AFL Dad took him to the match.

My G/daughters Corinne and June with Nan.


Lynda said...

A wonderful way to spend Mothers' Day.

teresa said...

Great photos Helen... I was thinking of you all yesterday and hoping the day turned out lovely for you. xx