Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wow look what we bought !!!!!

Well would you believe this..... we bought a plane..... I can't even believe it myself.... we have to wait for a couple of weeks for delivery as instruments have to be fitted first but this is it, cute isn't she..... no not me, the plane... silly. Hopefully I will have more news soon.


Kerry said...

Hey Helen, thats amazing, it's not everyday you just go out and buy a plane, maybe you could fly around and visit us all, LOL
Happy flying

Suzi-q said... exctiting as it's not everyday you buy a plane :)
Whoops thats what Kerry just said but it's true.

I hope you have enough paring space LOL

teresa said...

Hi Helen,
Nice plane...just what you needed! Gavan's remote control plane hobby has got a little out of hand hey? See you next Tuesday,
Teresa XX

miss~nance said...

No too many of my friends just go out and buy a plane (though my backdoor neighbour actually has one).

Noela said...

Dear Helen
I'm in shock!! Hope Gavan has many hours enjoying his new toy and you do too. Just home from quilting retreat. Had a great time. Cheers.

Jan said...

Golly Helen, that's not just your everyday purchase! We'll all have to put on our thinking caps to top that one. Are you going to make a quilted cover for it???
Cheers, Jan

clare's craftroom said...

How incredible . Have lots of fun .

Catherine said...

You bought a plane!!! How cool....hope you have a big garage!! Guess the skys the,

rozhearts said...

Well what else would you go out a buy... Guess your stash is up to date then LOL The guy down the road actually built a plane in his garage it was a sight to see when it was loaded on a carrier to be taken to the airfield.
Hope you have many enjoyable flights in the future.
(((HUGS))) Roz.