Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This is my wish list of "to do's" for 2007.

1. Through the Garden Gate Bom by Two Country Friends
2. Gav's (hubbie) memories quilt COMPLETED
3. Christmas Belles by Mum's Moment, BOM with stitchy friends COMPLETED
4. Vintage Valentines quilt by The Vintage Spool also with the stitchy friends
5. Outback Star by Kookaburra Cottage
6. Tea with Friends table quilt by Bronwyn Hayes COMPLETED
7. Angel Story by Anni Downs COMPLETED
8. Old Country Wares stitchery by Rustic Country Wares COMPLETED
9. 2005/2006 Friendship quilts
10. Gracie by Rosalie Quinlan for my daughter... Heather. COMPLETED
11. Vintage Charm w/hanging by Candlelight Creations COMPLETED
12. Vintage Charm picture by Candlelight Creations COMPLETED
13. I have 8 projects from a "Stitchers Dream Day Out" I attended in September 2006, there were 4 designers at this day Bronwyn Hayes, Debbie Magee, Lynette Anderson & Leanne May, they each designed 2 projects for us to stitch and of course I havent finished any yet so they are definately on this list. 1 ... COMPLETED .... 7 to go.

Not all these things are for me but they are certainly on the list of " to do's " for this year.

Phew I'm exhausted just writing it down so I'd better a move on and stitch like there is no tomorrow.


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