Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sort of finishes

 Block 3 of "Teddy Tea Party" quilt.

Block 7 of Libby Richardson's "Mystery Quilt" BOM
waiting for the postie to bring the next block.

No. 4  Just Like a Jigsaw by Sue Daley.

I must get on with this...... hmmmmm not sure when though.

Preparation and stitching these little blocks, they are for my metal Christmas Tree.

There are 8 small hangings..... you will understand when I get them finished on the tree.

We are going on holiday to New Zealand next week and I would like to visit a few craft shops.

So I  have a little question that someone might be able to help me with......

are there any shops that I shouldn't miss ?


Sandi said...

I think you should visit ALL the craft shops in NZ...just incase you miss something....
Love your blocks, do you need any sewing to take with you on your trip???

Sarah said...

Lovely bunch of stitching there Helen!!
Have a wonderful trip away xx

Cheryl (aka Kayly) said...

I think finished blocks should count as a 'finish'. My 2014 list might not look so bare, then.
Have a great holiday!

Lynda said...

I hope you have a fantastic holiday. NZ is on my wish list to visit. Love your teddy bear blocks and little stitcheries.

KAYLEE said...

Love all of your stitching blocks. Enjoy your holiday.

Fiona said...

Just beautiful work as always... those blocks are beautiful... lovely to visit NZ... all the shops I'm sure are not to be missed?????

Susan said...

all very lovely - I'd love to see NZ.
no idea about shops in NZ - though I do get newsletters from Grandmohters...blah blah - I'll email you the link - and the newsletters/catalogs look wonderful..
have a fun time.