Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 4 of my decorations and another proud moment.

Day 4 of Cheryll's "One week of Christmas decorations" I have been blog visiting and I've seen some really lovely decorations, now the ideas are running wild in my head for projects for next year....... not sure if that's a good idea or not really.
Here are some of my dining room decorations.
Now to my proud moment, we attended our g/son Clayton's yr 7 formal, it was so nice to be invited to be a part of his growing into a young man.  Naturally he is the good looking one in the middle..... I'm no biased at all ..... well I don't think so lol.
Here he is with Mum ( our Liz) would you believe he is 12yrs and Liz is wearing high heels, she is a tiny person but big in personality.
                               Of course his big brother got in on the act.... Jake.

Congratulations to Clayton as he received the sports award but sadly I haven't got a photo of him with his trophy and certificate. These boys ..... oooops ...... young men are such wonderful people and we as well as their parents are so very very proud of them and lucky to have them in our lives.


Michelle Ridgway said...

What handsome grandsons you have. I can see why you are about these gorgeous Christmas decorations particularly the snowman and the Santa, I think I am going to have to do a drive by snatch and grab raid and bring them home with me. Love it all Helen.

Heather said...

Your decorations look wonderful. Love that large Santa of yours...he might not be safe as Michelle says!!

Cheryll said...

Firstly congrats to you, your grandson and his MuM! What a lovely family!
Now .. your home looks wonderful with all those beautiful decorations. SO many festive scenes everywhere I look! Merry Christmas and thanks for inviting me over today! :)

Fiona said...

lovely grandson pictures.. yes, us nana's job is to be proud ... and biased.... heehee.... and I totally agree with seeing all these lovely decorations on blogs is extending my want to do list!!

Nicola said...

You have two very handsome grandsons. They grow up so quick. I think when you have a family your own life whizzes past.

Your decorations are AMAZING. I adore the Father Christmas with the longs legs in the first photo.

FleurBleue said...

How wonderful to have two clever, (and handsome) grandchildren, alas, I just have a grandcat and worryingly, my son and his wife, who dote upon their cat, refer to me as the cat's grandma!

Fiona x

Christine M said...

Congratulations to Clayton. Don't they just grow up too fast!