Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas decorations 2012 and a birthday.

For the start of Cheryll's  "One week of Christmas Decorations" I want to show you my latest project. Our Tuesday girls took a walk to "the dark side" as our Sandi calls it, scrap booking and it was such fun to do something a bit different from the norm.
Now see if you can see the mistake........ my family were very happy to point out to me, they are so caring hahahaha.

                                                  Can't see it yet ?

Well here it is

I'm seriously thinking of leaving it that way...... back to front  A..... its become a talking point around here so I will give that a bit of thought as it really is funny that the only person that didn't see it was me..... it might be because I'm a little older now..... it was my birthday yesterday and all my family came for lunch, it was such a great day to all be together at the same time.
So naturally I will now bore you with family photos
I don't know who that old bird is there....... Oh my god ..... its me 

          That's Gavan and Heather (daughter) in the background looking as stunned as me lol.

           Liz made the birthday cake, it was a beaut sponge and tasted fantastic.... soooooo tall.

Here she is our baby and being naughty as usual, its very hard to get a photo of her without her pulling faces...... lol.... but that's our Liz though.
The rest of our family except for Corinne as she was the camera person.
Such a great day..... Thank you everyone  and for all the phone calls and messages.... you all made it so special.
I'll pop back tomorrow to show my pressies and of course more "Christmas at our House".


Fiona said...

Happy Birthday Helen and what a wonderful way to spend it with all the family.... love the banner and the accidental mistake ... which you can always say you did on purpose???

Maree: said...

Your Bunting looks Great it took a while but I did see it...glad you had a . Lovely Birthday...

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Helen,your buntings look great,i didnt noticed the a back to front,lol.xx

Lynda said...

Happy birthday Helen - what a wonderful day you've had. I thought about you a few times yesterday. Leave the letter back to front - will give the family a giggle each year.

Cheryll said...

HaPPy BirTHDaY to YOU... and most definitely leave it... it's so much more fun that way! Merry Christmas :)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Leave it for sure...Happy Birthday to you gorgeous girl!!!!!!

Marilyn said...

Very special to have a back to front a. They will take you walking on the dark side so has to be expected doesnt it.
Hoppy birthday for yesterday. We missed you but understandably you had a better invitation.

Noela said...

Glad you had a great birthday. Always lovely to celebrate our special day with family. Hugs.....

Tatkis said...

This garland is adorable (never mind the little mistake :) )
Happy Birthday!!


Maria said...

Love your banner and I would leave the "a" as is..
glad you had a great birthday

Grethe said...

Happy birthday,Helen! How nice to have a family-party. Lovely looking cake, bet you all enjoyed it! Did not notice the mistake till you mentioned it :))

Michelle Ridgway said...

No couldn't see it....many Happiest Helen. Hope you had a great big slice of that cake.