Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big buying.... Bevy of Beauties and Saturday ladies

Well its been a while since my last post but this is making up for it, firstly I have another "Country Keepsakes" doll by Annie Smith... please let me introduce the lovely "Holly"  isn't she a cutie and a christmas project to boot.

Here is our little saturday group working hard and in deep concentration, they are usually making dolls and laughing but they are having a bit of a change doing a jelly roll quilt.

                                                        Cheryl and Jean

                           Noreen and our new lady..... oops forgot her name.

  and of course our  ....Bevy of Beauties.... we are very pleased with ourselves too but as you can see I'm naughty as my poor little "Totti" isn't finished yet .....she will be ready for her photo shoot next week.
Now for my big buying spree..... Homespun and Beautiful is having a huge sale and I would be stupid not to grab a bargain or  2.... 3.... 4 and maybe even more, who knows.

Now all I need is a few more hours in the day so I can put all these wonderful fabrics to good use.

                           but I do have plans for it all..... big plans obviously.

My next doll yes .... yes.... another Country Keepsake doll......" I Believe" and will he be ready for christmas.... well I hope so.

I did go to the craft show here in Brisbane last week and bought a few bits and bobs  sorry no piccies as some of the items are for secret stuff.
Phew I'm tired now looking at all that work ahead, none of which will be done t day as I'm off to lunch with hubbie and  friends so maybe tomorrow.


Sandi said...

Hi Helen, I love the little playgroup happening ....getting together and having fun with friends, isn't that what lifes all about....

De said...

gorgeous dollies - but poor headless one! Great fabric purchases :) that will keep you busy. xoxo

Sue W ♥ said...

Holly is a cutie isn't she.
I love ALL of what you have bought and that book 'If quilts could talk' has me interested, is it a new one out?
Can't wait to see what you got at the Brissy show

Vicki said...

Wow, you girls have been busy. I bought a couple of Annie's patterns when I was at Victoria Point last year and have earmarked the ones in Homespun for the summer holidays.