Monday, May 30, 2011

A proud and busy TIS

Things have been very busy of late but all enjoyable which is great.

Our daughter ... Heather was inducted into the QLD Police Service on friday 27th, we are so proud of her and wish her well in the future, she has worked so hard to achieve this as she broke her foot and required an operation ... metal plate and 5 screws ... so she was many weeks on crutches during the 7 month program as a recruit but its all been worth the effort and we couldn't be happier for her.... well done Heather, we love you. If you want to have a look at the ceremony the police have put it on Youtube which is terrific.

The Police Pipes and Drum band, they were terrific.

Heather and her daughters, June and Corinne.

Heather with the Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson.
A very proud moment for her.

Saturday we went to the opera to see Puccini's The Girl of The Golden West, we both enjoyed it very much.

Sunday I went to the movies with Corinne and Kenny to see Pirates Of The Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides .... Johnny Depp is such a spunk..... so it was a terrific few days.

Its taken me quite a while to do this post as we were having a very nasty storm fortunately it passed quickly,bn I popped out to take a piccie of the  front lawn  and as you can see lots of hail.

Oooooops nearly forgot to show you my TIS stitch-a-long blocks for May.


Joy said...

Congratulations to your daughter Helen ... how proud you must be. It's my Son's dream to be a policeman too :o).
We were so lucky, we didn't get that hail storm yesterday - that's a lot of hail!!
Joy :o)

De said...

You have been busy - congrats to Heather! hope it all goes well for her

Michelle Ridgway said...

Congratulations to your daughter. Well done. I hope she mends really quickly so she can get back to it.
Missed the hail yesterday only lots of lightning and rumbling. It's pouring now though.

Sue W ♥ said...

Congratulations to Heather, you both must be so proud of her.
I am so jealous you saw Pirates, can't wait for it to be out on DVD to add to my collection, sad Orlando is not in it :(
You just reminded me to post mt TIS blocks as I have had them finished for a few weeks now, yours look great btw.
keep warm

Chookyblue...... said...

Congrats to Helen............the TTS blocks look great......

Anonymous said...

well done Heather i wish her well in her chosen profession.
And lucky you seeing Johnny Depp what was the new pic like??