Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Norfolk Island

Well here I am to bore you with our holiday pics, this is the beautiful view (I say with tongue in cheek) its not quite like the photo in the brochure .... its supposed to be a great view of Mt Pitt......  very unhappy with the motel, so I'll say no more about that issue but I will be letting our travel agent know but we decided to put that behind us and enjoy our little holiday.

Here we are on one of our tours  (holy cow we do look old .. oh yes thats right ... we are old)

It is a very beautiful Island even though they have been in drought for some time but rain did come in the last 2 days we were there and unfortunately for us we had a  tour booked for a Sunset Island Fish Fry with entertainment (overlooking the scenery below) and it rained of course so we had to have it in the golf club which lost the mood but the fish.... locally caught.... was terrific.

Views from Mt Pitt, raining again so photos weren't great, must be lovely on a good day.

We did a tour of Government House and the grounds there are beautiful... green with lovely flower beds so different from the rest of the Island.

The walls are the only thing left of the convict prison.

Emily Bay...... well part of it at least.

The folks at the old cemetery had a better view than we did.

And last but not least here I am .... yes you guessed it.... stitching what else would a good crafty girl be doing on holiday!

You are lucky as I do have more photos but I wouldn't want you to suffer all of them, you might not come back again to visit me so I guess you could call that a snippet of our trip.

Thanks for dropping by.


Chookyblue...... said...

looks good from here.........pleased you enjoyed your holiday........

Davcor said...

Great Photos of our gorgeous Island. Come back soon & try Shiralee Executive Cottages. Sure you will be very happy. If you like craft there is a Quilting week coming up soon - Check out The Travel Centre Norfolk Island for the details. We had a great time last year
Cheers Davcor

Vicki said...

Travel agencies and their brochures??? We've been caught before as well - but always managed to have a good holiday in spite of that. Certainly looks like you did as well! What's a holiday without any stitching when you feel like it, eh Helen???

miss~nance said...

Looks like a nice plae to holiday even if the accomodation was not what you were expecting.



Cath Ü said...

At least you still enjoyed your holiday...... would of been better if it was when the quilt show was on hey.. LOL
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Cath Ü