Monday, March 16, 2009

Finished at last.... yahoooo

At last, I never thought I would see it all together but here it is.... now for the next bit.... layering and quilting, I would like to hand quilt but can't make up my mind which quilting designs would be right. I am so pleased with this quilt.... I love it. If it wasn't for a friend of mine "Diann" I probably would never had done it at all, thanks very much Diann.


Suzi-q said...

Simply stunning and the border print is lovely also, matches perfectly.
I can see why you are pleased with it :)

Tozz said...

Oh gee...its really fabulous and no wonder you love it :) I love it too. Your work is exquisit. (Sp?)

I am sure what ever quilting you do will finish it off beautifully.

Lynda said...

Absolutely beautiful Helen.

Tereasa said...

The border fabric is just perfect. I think I can see a future award winning quilt in the making. Just Beautiful.

Don't forget I'm your new best friend.


Beautiful Helen .... just beautiful.

ranette said...

Wonderful quilt...I just love it. Something else to maybe add to my to-do

Caroline said...


Sorry to hijack your blog but I just love your quilt. Can I ask where you got the pattern from, I have looked to buy this pattern but it is not available in the UK at the moment.

I will be watching you blog in future as I am totally amazed by your work.

Kindest Regards