Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still trying to upload piccies.....

These piccies are in the wrong order but I've been having so much trouble uploading that I will just have to leave them this way... so its my back to front holiday. Isn't this the cutest little muffin.

Beautiful Budapest in the background and my beautiful Corinne and Heather in front.

This Hawk was so soft to touch and aren't I so brave ??????

I'll keep trying to put more piccies in.... sorry about the order, this was our last 3 days of the holiday, we spent 3 days in Budapest... its a lovely place but they have such a sad history.

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Sarah said...

I just dont know how I missed all these pics Helen!! Glad to see you had a fantstic time away. I just love your pics, thankyou for sharing. You are very brave holding the Hawk.... I am NOT a bird person, a little frightened actaully - hate the thought of them flying around too close to me.
x Sarah