Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lucky me !!!!!!!

I was a lucky girl last Saturday night, we went to the " Cantabile Farewell Concert" and auction. The girls sang their repertoire for the choir games in Austria it was so wonderful, I felt so proud of my granddaughter Corinne ( I cried... silly Nan) I also won a door prize .... a large cane basket full of choccies, chips, lollies, tim tams and lots of other goodies... yummo.... then to my surprise I won the raffle... a cricket bat and stumps signed by the Queensland Bulls cricket team and coaches 2007/2008.... just what I always wanted ..I don't think... but it was exciting to win anyway, might sell it later. Its now 4 more sleeps till we leave for our trip to Austria..... can't wait.... this will probably be my last entry till I get back on 20th July.


De said...

You have the best time while you are away!!!! Love De

Lynda said...

One more sleep - wishing you the most fabulous time.

Lots of love

Sarah said...

Knock, Knock!! STILL waiting on some pics of your trip LOL!!
x Sarah

PS: You have been nominated for an award, pop to my blog for info xx

Wendy said...

I so love that quilt hanging on your wall...garden gate. I live in Northern Canada where gardens are not that great, but a girl can always dream...It is exactly what I am looking for to make several "gift blocks" from my quilting buddies come together...I received 11 blocks from friends last night and my challenge from them, is to assemble them by December. I knew in my head what I wanted them to look like and when I stumbled upon your quilt I knew I had made the right choice,...can you help me out with the patterns...where can I get them (really quickly), so I can meet my challenge deadline. Beautiful work and blog by the way...it is in my faves! Wendy