Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Cantabile" auction night.

Corinne gets her rose from the school headmistress ... Donna Anderson.

Heather and I enjoying the evening.

My g/daughter .... Corinne is in a choir called " Cantabile " which belongs to the school she attends. Last saturday night we went to an auction evening to raise money to help them get to the " World Choir Games " to be held in Austri June/July, there is 25 girls in the group and they are just fabulous ( but of course I would say that, not biased at all lol ) anyway I donated the last doll " Melody" that I made and I was so excited that it raised $150 for them, there were a lot of wonderful things to bid on..... Dreamworld tickets, several holidays, 10 person spa, a painting which went for $4800 and lots of other great stuff. The girls sang 5 of their numbers, also circus performers and lots of money games, a great 3 course meal with free wine and beer, it was a great night. Heather, Corinne and myself will be leaving for the games on 28th June, I'm sure we will have the best time as it will be the first overseas trip for all of us, can't wait.


Tereasa said...

So glad you and Melody(your beautiful doll) were able to raise $150.00 for the girls. Did your quilt sell?

Lynda said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful, fun night. So looking forward to seeing you next week.


Pleased to hear you had a wonderful night. See you Friday 2nd May.

Suzi-q said...

Lucky girls to get to go overseas together for such a great time and to raise $150 for one of your creations was fab

Sarah said...

WOW!! A trip O/S, lucky things!! Congrats on the price of the doll, sounds like the proceeds went to a fantastic cause
x Sarah