Saturday, March 01, 2008

My little challenge.

This is a project I have been doing for such a long time but I gave myself a small challenge to get it done and I'm now happy to say I've finished..... yahooooo
I painted the box quite a while ago ( couple of years) and all I needed to do was collect the baby memories together and give it to my daughter.... Elizabeth. In the yellow box is a collection of paintings... early school books... school reports and any special things I could find from Liz's childhood days and in the book like box are baby cards, baby book etc. My other daughter ... Heather .... has one and I still have to do one for my son.... Robert... but boys dont really care much about that kind of stuff so I have plenty of time to do that. Gosh I feel good about this, I'm going to visit Liz tomorrow, she will get a surprise as she has been waiting for so long.


Tereasa said...

Helen, your work is so beautiful. I'm sure Lizzie will very happy.

Sarah said...

What a great idea Helen!! Hope you DD loved it!!
x Sarah


I am sure Lizzie will love it Helen .... I remember you starting this project. Great job.


keslyn said...

Wonderful job Helen, I am sure your daughter will love all those memories.

Lynda said...

Helen, that is such a lovely present for your children. The new blog layout looks great goo.