Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dotty Dancer

At last she is finished, a " Country Keepsakes " pattern by Annie Smith called Dotty Dancer.

I love her dolls they are great fun to make and with all the laughter we have at dolly club adds to the pleasure of doll making.


Lynda said...

I think she'd be very happy moving to the South Coast - she's gorgeous.

Sarah said...

Lovely Helen!!! You really like Country Keepsakes dollies!!! Great job, whats the next one???

Suzi-q said...

Another beautifull doll for your collection....luv the skinny waste.

So when is the doll's house being built?

helbel19 said...

Sorry Lynda she cant possibly move to the South Coast as she is sitting on a ladder with her friend that you made me.

Not sure when the next doll will appear as dolly club will be gone on the 26th of this month but hopefully we will still meet at someones house... Sarah and yes I do love these dollies.

Who needs a doll's house Sue .... I'm living in one.


Julia said...


So beautiful, I ´ve bought the pattern and I am just searching for the perfect fabrics for her!
I love too all her dollies : ))

Hugs from Spain


Julia said...


Just georgous!! I´ve bought the pattern and I am searching the fabrics...I love too all her dollies : )

Hugs from Spain

Julia said...

Hello Helbel, I have a Dotty,I love them. I made it yesterday, Can I send you a photografy?