Sunday, September 15, 2013

An outing and another block

Home alone and pondering my plans for the day while enjoying a cuppa and cake.

Last Thursday we had an outing with friends at Harrigans Hotel , Calypso Bay.

 I forgot to take my camera so I took this lousy photo with my phone but I guess its better than no photo.

Forgot to take a photo of my lunch but couldn't miss one of dessert, this was Gav's, he said it was wonderful.

         My Sticky Date pudding with caramel sauce......yummo

    The outlook from our table, you can just see the water in the background.

               Another "Its Time for Christmas" BOM in the Homespun magazine.

 This post is short and sweet today........ hahaha...... I'm on a mission with my "Crazy Christmas" quilt, its a "quilt as you go" so I'm on the home run now..... I hope you have enjoyed your weekend doing heaps of sewing.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Yummo...sounds like a good that block...

Michelle Ridgway said...

Looks like a lovely lunch and dessert oh yum. Don't need to say love the China and your block is very cute.

Vera Regina Vieira Madalena said...

Olá amiga!Adorei o teu blog, os teus trabalhos e as tuas amigas.És muito talentosa. Vocês são muito divertidas
alegres e felizes como todas as artesãs é claro. Tenho também um grupo de amigas que nos reunimos todas as quartas- feiras para um café com arte, isso faz muito bem mesmo!
estou te seguindo. Um abraço!

Noela said...

Love the Christmas block. About the only thing to make in the last Homespun mag. Your day out desserts looked pretty good too. hugs.....