Friday, August 30, 2013

Catching up with my posts

 Our Tuesday group had an outing this week..... as you can see its a very little group but Tess couldn't make it and unfortunately she missed a wonderful day. Firstly we visited a local craft shop... Doo Dropp Inn Cottage, its a very quaint place filled with locally handcrafted goodies.

Then on to "Devon Pixies" for High Tea, its our first time there and what a delight it was, as usual heaps of laughter, chatting and eating ..... we had the best time.

                                          Laurel... Sandi... Teresa  back row

                                                           Norreen and me.

                                         Wonderful finger sandwiches

Homemade scones with jam and cream of course.

 Chocolate cup cakes .....  tasted as good as it looks....the cute little bell was to call for service from Doreen so she could top up our tea cups..... gosh that felt so good, very spoilt.

   Now you see it ....... now you don't....... mmmmmm so yummie

                      Happy girls full of yummie food and feeling very satisfied.
                                           Can't wait for our next visit.

We did get a bit of stitching done as well at Sandi's home after our high Tea.

Thanks again for another great day girls.

Now on to  my messy sewing room, books flying everywhere..... trying to find  patterns in old magazines but can't remember which one it is in.... soooooo when you have a problem ring a friend......Sandi help me please ?

So after a long chat.... as you do..... she checked out her patterns and there they were...... 

Now did I ever find these elusive patterns in my mags you ask...... well no I didn't, I was looking for something that I didn't have apparently so Sandi will lend me hers...... my saviour.

Its all back in order now thank heavens, I can't function in a mess..... weird I know. I'll be back tomorrow to show my swap pressies from "Friends in Stitching" online group.


KaHolly said...

Looks as though you ladies had a lovely time! How nice that you can get together like that. My sewing area often looks like that!! I think it comes with the territory!

Tatkis said...

What a wonderful time you had!
It's natural to create a mess when making something, but it's good to have a nice neat corner afterwards :)


De said...

oh your mess is tidy compared to mine!

Susan said...

Your high tea did look lovely - and I can imagine you are a very neat person helen - but a bit of mess is fun too.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful day you all had so nice to spend it with friends.xx

Sandi said...

That's not a