Friday, August 10, 2012

Should be cleaning but stitching instead...... oooowaaa

My plan for today was to clean the lounge room windows/blinds and curtains but Gavan has the man flu so rather than disturb him and his tele watching I decided to sew...... oh what a sacrifice I made, I'm so good I think hehehehehe.

Firstly a photo of the last block for the Christmas Fun BOM  by Lynette Anderson.

I started piecing the little wall hanging together yesterday and after a lot of fiddling today got it done so only the quilting and binding left...... so happy about that.

Can you see where I fixed my terrible mistake..... I hope it looks ok and if you can't see it then that's good enough for me.

I've also finished another My Favourite Things block but there is still heaps to go.

Didn't really enjoy this block with all the little flowers on the tree so glad its out of the way.

This afternoon I have prepared this dolls head for painting, Saturday is Dollie day

Wow it doesn't seem much really but it took me all day to do it.

Hopefully Gavan will have a miraculous recovery and go model plane flying on Sunday so then I can do the jobs I had planned for today.


shez said...

you have been very busy Helen and i cant see anything wrong with your gorgeous xmas quilt.Hope hubby gets better soon.xx

Sandi said...

You are such an unselfish wife, leaving Gavan to rest...what more can a man want when under the the chrissy wallhanging..

Fiona said...

What we girls give up for our men??? we should all get medals... the christmas quilt is fantastic... I can't see a mistake... we need another lunch so I can see it in real life.... I struggled with those little tree flowers... the rest are easy after that!!!

Noela said...

All looks lovely Helen. Great to be stitching rather than cleaning. The dust layer in my house is getting thicker by the day. Hugs...

Vickie said...

awesome christmas fun block's and you did an excellent job fixing your wee booboo, cheers Vickie

Cathy said...

Or then again Gavan might need to be convalescing again and you will have to quietly play and create all day....more sacrificing!!

Lisa D said...

I love your blocks.. Im a Lynette Anderson fan... just done a class with her.. nice to visit your blog