Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy and sad Mothers Day

Here is the happy part...... 
 My Mothers Day started on Saturday actually, Corinne (g/daughter) and Kenny (bf) asked us to join them for lunch at Maleny in a most delightful  german restaurant called "King Ludwigs" .... it was just fantastic .... food, service and view were just stunning, if you ever get the chance to visit there you won't be disappointed ...I didn't know which photos to show everything was so nice so you get to see the lot.
Here we are arriving ready for lunch with good company.

This is the view of the Glass House Mountains from the veranda  of the restaurant..... fantastic and so relaxing we could have stayed there all day.

This is my light lunch.....Corinne had the same

Don't you just love the glass, its filled with sparkling Apple cider from Tasmania.... mmmmm

Gavan's main meal, Kenny was laughing at me taking photos of all the food, I guess it was a giggle .
Kenny's main meal, can't remember the name of the dishes.

Wow this was desert.... yummie sticky date pudding, it was fantastic.....

Kenny's desert, looks good don't you think.....

Corinne and Gavan both chose the same desert.

A couple of photos of the inside of the restaurant.....

We were seated on the veranda overlooking  the wonderful view, there were lovely shawls for the ladies on our chair, what a lovely touch.

Sunday my family came for lunch which was great so we had a very relaxing day with great company.

 Mothers Day was also very sad for me this year, its the first Mum's day without my Mum but having family with me was a  big help, I really miss her.

These warm goodies  my son Rob and his partner Mel gave me, I'm off to a retreat in August so they will get a work out then.

My (daughter) Heather and  (g/daughter) June gave me this beautiful frame, I'll have to find just the right piccie for it.

Here is Gavan working out on the WII fit we bought on Saturday so we can get on track with our fitness or at least thats the plan .....hehehehe .....doesn't he look a trick.

I do hope you all had a very very Happy Mothers Day with family and of course lots of goodies.


Anonymous said...

lovely post and sad about your mum and Gavin looks like he is haveng a lot of fun on the WII

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh Helen that must have been hard for you. People we love leave huge gaps when we lose them. I am glad your family gave you a lovely day to help you through it. The food looked amazing. Don't you just love new Jim Jams.

Sue W ♥ said...

Glad you had the family to keep you company on Mother's Day and I hope it wasn't too sad but a way to remember all the past mother's spent with your Mum

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Wow, the food looks so delish....& how about that glass the shape of a boot...how cute!!

Melody said...

What a lovely post. That food looks fabulous. So sorry about the sad loss of your mum. Hugs.

Marg H said...

Love that part of the world. In my single days used to visit regularly, but not so much now. Glad you had such a great day.

Glad that you were able to enjoy the day even though it brought back some sad memories. I think the first year after the death of someone close brings so many firsts and they all take some getting through.

Lynda said...

Such a lovely mothers' day weekend, Helen. You have wonderful memories of your mother to get you through these days. Love the photo of Gav on the wii. They are fun.