Monday, May 11, 2009

A great weekend with June

This is my project for the weekend with June, I made this bag to match my "Punchneedle Tool Holder" ( made earlier) it will carry my frame, patterns, threads and any other goodies I need for these projects and will keep everything tidy.

The weekend before last I had a great time with my granddaughter June, she is 11yrs old, we decided to have a crafty time together. Firstly on the Saturday we went to our local craft shop... Homespun and Beautiful..... to buy a pattern and fabric to make a bag for her and I also had bought fabric to make one for myself, June chose the pattern and fabric for herself as you can see in the piccie below. We also had lunch together in the cafe and then off we went home to sew up a storm.

Here she is busy... busy.... busy.

June finished her bag and was able to take it home at the end of the weekend with a big smile on her face and yes she did make it all herself ( I only helped her with the cutting) I'm very proud of her efforts, the pattern has a small doll brooch on it but she didn't want that on the bag. We had great fun and it was nice to enjoy this together.


Pegasus Kelly said...

What a great job (by both of you of course). I bet your granddaughter is (quite rightly) very proud of herself.


The pics of June 'doing her thing' are just 'red x's' for me. Really wish I could see them. Your bag is really great Helen.