Monday, March 16, 2009

Liz's new bag

This is a "Moon Shine" pattern by Monica Poole its called "Bow Bag", Liz (my daughter) chose the fabrics and I think she has done a good job, they do look great and I hope she gets a lot of use out of it. I was supposed to make it last year but only got around to cutting it out

at the time so its nice to get it finished at last.


Lynda said...

Liz chose very well - the fabrics are lovely.

Tozz said...

Liz did chose really well and I just love those colours. I also think the bag looks great :)


Great bag and Liz did choose well.

miss~nance said...

Beautiful bag and very well chosen fabrics.

De said...

I love this bag pattern Helen! Looks good

Caroline said...

Sorry for just hi-jacking your blog.... but your work is just stunning!!!!

I love the bag but the Vintage Valentine quilt is exceptional. I would love to get that pattern but it is not available here in the UK.... If you ever feel that you want to sell it.. please contact me.

I will be watching your blog as I am completely amazed by your work.

Kindest regards